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Water jet cut or water jet
Water jet cut for any kind of materials. Allows clean cutting of very thick  even on composite and special materials.


 No thermal change, structural
 Absence of steam, dust, fumes
 Absence of regeneration tool
 High-speed cutting
 High precision cutting
Excellent surface quality
 Stamps or dies are not required
 Planning and design
 No formation of burrs
 No need for further processing
 Burr-free cutting of corners
 Minimum slit cut
 Minimum piece stirrups
 Fast implementing prototyping
 Cut of Pre-painted materials 
 Flexible manufacturing, just in time
 Intelligent and optimal consumption of material using CAD/CAM
 Availability of PC and CNC systems
 Higher speed of laser cutting for very thick

Cutting methods:

1 - Pure water jet cut:
The jet passes through a diamond hole with a diameter of one-tenth of a millimeter, converting potencial energy into  kinetic energy and allowing the water to cut at a speed of about 800-1000 m/s, with a pressure of 4000 bar.
Ideal for:

 Raw fibers 
 Paper, etc 

2 - Water jet cut more abrasive:
Cutting method with the addition of abrasive material able to cut very thick and different texture materials.
Ideal for:

 Rock wool and bulletproof glass

3 - Cutting systems water jet
3D water jet cutting, has 5 axis and can be used with pure water or water and abrasive.


 Interior architecture and design
 Marine industry
 Aerospace industry
 Energy industry
 Electrical industry
 Automotive industry
 Mechanical sector 
 Motorcycle industry 
 Technical articles
 Signs and plaques
 Glass industry


■ Metals: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium,copper.
 Building: decorative stones, marble, granite, ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, brick, glass and mineral wool, cut mosaic tiles 
 Glass: safety glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass
 Paper: cardboard, crepe paper, printing paper
 Food: cooked food, frozen food
 More: plywood, leather, textiles, composites, rubber, plastics, Teflon, Bakelite, tugsteno, Inconel, Kevlar, seals, foam materials


 Flange: square flange, in teflon, in steel, in alluminum, asbestos free, rubber
 Cork clutches
 Parts gasket vintage cars
 Electrical insulators
 Electrical transformers